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Our School, the first to acquire a permit to train private pilots, immediately adapted to the new European Legislation JAR-FCL 2, regarding the training of private pilots of airplanes and helicopters, as well as training of professional helicopter pilots with specialties:  “Fly by Organs” (FBO) and “Flight Instructors”. Moreover, it was certified to provide training in “Acquiring ability of Commander of various models of helicopters”.

To achieve the above, our School acquired: GR-RF-002 permit of Training Private Pilots of Helicopters and Airplanes, as well as: GR-FTO/TRTO-011 permit to train professional Helicopter pilots including the relevant specialties (FBO, Flight Instructor) and ability to command various helicopter models.

Moreover, as a part of the School, we are certified to examine the adequacy of the pilots’ knowledge of the English language at level 4, in accordance with the requirements of ICAO and Greek Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TEST CENTER FOR PILOTS) .

The initial training, depending on the Certificate and the respective required abilities, lasts between 4 and 18 months and is composed of training classes of minimum 8 and maximum 12 students, in order to be adaptable and efficient. Regarding the Ground Training of Private Pilots, it is based on the book series of TREVOR THOM, whereas for the Ground Training of Professional Pilots it is based on the bibliography of OXFORD School, including the respective audiovisual media (slides, videos etc.)

Air Training takes place at the Airport of Megara and the scheduling of the flights in the case of private pilots, is carried out, by taking into account the availability of the student as much as possible. For professional pilots the training takes place according to the program devised by the School, taking into account the time requirements and the type of the certified training.

The aircraft used for the training sessions are:

For training in airplanes:

       TB 9 TAMPICO (4 seated)

For training in helicopters

             ROBINSON R-22 MARINER (2 seated

             SCHWEIZER SA 300 (2 seated)

For training in “FBO” and “Instructor for FBO”

        SCHWEIZER SA 300 (2 seated)

For the training of Flight Instructors

        ROBINSON R-22 MARINER (2 seated)

        SCHWEIZER SA 300 (2 seated)

For training to acquire the ability to pilot certain types of helicopters

        ROBINSON R-22 MARINER (2 seated)


        SCHWEIZER SA 300


Maintenance and technical monitoring of the aircrafts of the School is performed by the trained, certified and highly experienced engineers of AEROSERVICES S.A. service center (EL. 145.035) according to PART-145, which is also based at the airport of Megara.

Our mission

The goal of Aeroservices Flight Training is to generate well-rounded pilots that are primarily, safe and accurate. The training program is built according to modern requirements, bearing in mind the needs of individuals whose careers allow them to have minimal free time and desire to have a hobby as important as flying an airplane or a helicopter.

To achieve that, we have highly trained air-ground personnel and engineers, offering a modern fleet of airplanes and helicopters, based in our State of the Art facilities at the airport of Megara, where the maintenance and technical monitoring unit is also situated under the roof of a brand new building. 


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    Activities – Pilot School

    Our School, the first to acquire a permit to train private pilots, immediately adapted to the new European Legislation JAR-FCL 2.

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