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Aviation safety dictates that good communications are essential. Standard phraseology does not cover extraordinary situations and that's why ICAO established new language standards intended to improve and maintain the English language proficiency of both professionals and amateurs in the aviation industry.

Since 2008, pilots and controllers must demonstrate English language skills that match ICAO Level 4 to be considered operational. ICAO Level 4 competency means that these aviation professionals/ amateurs possess reliable English language skills that can withstand the most unpredictable and stressful of situations.

Candidates are graded separately in six language skill areas: Pronunciation, Fluency, Vocabulary, Structure, Comprehension and Interactions ranging from Level 1 to Level 6. Level 1 represents almost total ignorance of the English language in an aviation environment and Level 6 represents mother-tongue fluency. The lowest score in any one of the language skill areas is also the final score of the candidate.

Level 4 competency is renewed every 4 years, Level 5 is renewed every 6 years, and Level 6 is for life.

Aeroservices is now one of the few H.C.A.A.and H.A.N.S.A. approved Aviation English testing centers in Greece. It is currently the only center that offers a test built by Greek pilots for pilots and controllers. The total test lasts approximately 30 minutes and is conducted by a Technical Assessor who is a professional airline pilot and a Language Assessor who is a commercial pilot and an English language specialist. 

The test is conducted face to face or via SKYPE and the test results can be immediate.

Introduction Task directions: You will be asked about yourself. Please answer in complete sentences. 2-3 minutes example:"Describe your job for us."

Reading Aviation Phraseology Task Directions: Read each message loudly and clearly. You are not allowed to read it to yourself beforehand. You must read it directly to me. Take your time. 2-3 minutes example:"SX-ABC, climb to 9000 ft. on QNH 1013 squawk 7000 report PAO NDB."

Reading Common English Task Directions: Read each message loudly and clearly. You are not allowed to read it to yourself beforehand. You must read it directly to me. Take your time. 2-3 minutes example: "Language proficiency limited to memorized phraseology is inadequate."

Repeat Task directions: Listen carefully to each sentence. You will then repeat it word for word. 2-3 minutes example:" Pilot fatigue is a major cause of accidents."


Short Answers Questions Task directions: Listen carefully to each question. The answers you will provide must be short but do not need to be complete sentences. 3-5 minutes example:"You are an airline pilot and a passenger is drunk and very annoying. What is the first thing you would you do?"

Short Answer.mp3

Readbacks Task directions: Listen carefully to each radiotelephony message. At the end of each, you are required to say the readback. 2-3 minutes example:" Berne 0920. Wind 060 degrees 12 knots. Visibility 6 klm. Light Rain. Cloud Broken 4600 feet Overcast 8200 feet. Temperature 23 Dew Point 12 Qnh.1001. No Sig."


Describing Unusual Situations Task directions: Watch the following video and at the end I would like you to give me a summary of what you understood.


Story Retelling Task directions: Listen carefully to the story. When it ends, you will be asked to retell it in your own words. 5-7 minutes example:" After a flight from the Netherlands, the crew of the Airbus A320 was conducting an approach to an airport in Ireland. During the approach, the captain observed a large flock of birds rising from the runway. He ordered a go-around when the radar altimeter indicated 100 feet. During the go-around, as the crew flew the airplane through about 150 birds that were at the top of the flock, they heard the sound of several impacts. After the airplane was landed, the remains of several sea gulls were found on and near the runway. An inspection of the airplane found that several birds were ingested into the no. 2 engine, a hole was punctured in a trailing-edge flap, and blood stained the nose landing gear bay. In spite of bird-scaring activities and preventive techniques being regularly employed, absolute bird-strike prevention is impossible to achieve due to the unpredictable nature of birds, the incident report said."

Story Retelling.mp3

Open Questions Task directions: You will be shown a picture to which you must describe and answer any questions about it in as much detail as possible. 5-10 minutes example:


The duration of the test is forty (40) minutes maximum and can be taken at your convenience by appointment.

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