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Aeroservices is now one of the few EASA/H.C.A.A. and H.A.N.S.A. approved Aviation English

testing centers in Hellas, certified as Language Assessment Body (GR LAB-117). Our center offers a test built by Aviation specialists for International pilots and controllers. The total test is conducted by a Technical Assessor who is a professional airline pilot, and a Language Assessor who is a commercial pilot and has English language teaching capability.


Aviation safety dictates that good communications are essential. Standard phraseology does not cover extraordinary situations and that is why ICAO/EASA established new language standards, intended to improve and maintain the English language proficiency of both professionals and amateurs in the aviation industry.


Since 2008, pilots and controllers must demonstrate English language skills that match

ICAO/EASA Level 4 to be considered operational. EASA Level 4 competency means that these

aviation professionals/amateurs possess reliable English language skills that can withstand the most unpredictable and stressful of situations.


The test is conducted face to face or via SKYPE and the test results can be immediate. The total test lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Candidates are graded separately in six language skill areas: Pronunciation, Fluency,

Vocabulary, Structure, Comprehension and Interactions, ranging from Level 1 to Level

6. Level 1 represents almost total ignorance of the English language in an aviation

environment and Level 6 represents mother-tongue fluency. The lowest score in any

one of the language skill areas is also the final score of the candidate.


Level 4 competency has to be renewed every 4 years, Level 5 every 6 years, while Level 6 is for life.


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