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AEROSERVICES S.A. top management and manpower personnel remain committed towards our environmental management system for the scope of activities conducted in the industry of “Maintenance of Aircraft, Components & Continuing Airworthiness Management Services” reducing the impact upon the environment  complying to EN ISO 14001.

Compliance of contractual, statutory/ regulatory and standard’s requirements are continuously supported, by establishing, implementing and maintaining an environmental management system, aiming towards its improvement by:

  1. Reducing the natural resources and energy to as low as practical
  2. Considering environmental impacts and aspects as a result of our services and related activities
  3. Managing waste material by proper means, ensuring prevention, minimisation, re-use, recycle, energy recovery, proper and safe disposal.
  4. Complying with environmental legislation and other legal requirements
  5. Identifying risks and manage hazards
  6. Improving the effectiveness, suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of our processes by internal auditing and internal reporting techniques
  7. Training and assessing personnel, remaining environmental conscious
  8. Reviewing on an annual basis, during the Management Review:
  1. Objectives and targets (measurable indicators)
  2. Aspects and impacts
  3. Environmental policy, remaining in-line with current top management decisions, company objectives and targets

The Environmental Policy is communicated to all company personnel, available within the company’s premises. Future amendments will be communicated accordingly.

The Managing Director through this statement permits circulation of the Environmental Policy to all interested parties (external partners, customers, outsourced services).

The policy is available to all external interested parties via our website or upon request in hard copy.

For and on behalf of AEROSERVICES S.A.

Dimitrios DAFNIS

Managing Director and CEO


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